Twitter Founder Reveals Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online

The co-creator of Twitter and Blogger has decided that the internet is simply a giant machine designed to give people what they want. Here's what this grand unified theory means and where it came from.

How Paypal and Reddit faked their way to traction

There were several factors that contributed to YouTubebecoming the #1 video sharing service on the web. But a lot of initial adoption was driven by the fact that it had pirated content hosted on it. If you wanted to watch the latest episode of Lost for free, YouTube was your best bet: no queued downloading through torrents, just stream it from the server.

Carsales pays $20m to buy 83pc stake in Chileautos

Auto-classifieds business has tagged Latin America as a region for expansion, buying a controlling stake in Chile's largest online automotive advertisements website for $US15 million ($20 million).