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Briefcase by AppSumo is a curated subscription bundle of premium software to help grow your business. Get access to dozens of tools for just $49/month!

BIGVU | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

BIGVU is a comprehensive video tool offering a teleprompter, automatic captions, editing, music, collaboration, and more to create professional content. Start with the teleprompter feature, which will keep you focused on your camera for concise, engaging narration. You can control the scrolling speed, monitor audio while recording, lock auto-exposure, as well as adjust the lighting to make your setup perfect.

PixTeller | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

PixTeller offers easy-to-use tools and an extensive library of templates, photos, and fonts, so you can create professional, custom graphics and animated videos. With PixTeller, you can easily create custom logos, gifs, ads flyers, and more for all your business needs. Jumpstart your design with pre-made templates and an easy-to-use photo editor, all available on the PixTeller platform.

Spott | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Spott allows you to create interactive content, publish it to different channels, and track its success along the way. To get started, you can quickly upload your product images by connecting your product feed to your Spott account.

Zoom.ai | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Zoom.ai is an AI-powered meeting scheduler built to help you connect and book faster, so you can get back to focusing on your clients. Zoom.ai handles all your 1:1, group, and video meetings for seamless scheduling. It's your helpful meeting assistant (think Pam Beesley, but it won't leave you for art school.)

ReMasterMedia | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

ReMasterMedia lets you optimize your audio and video clips to give you superior sound in only a few minutes. ReMasterMedia makes sure you're sounding your best in no time. All you have to do is upload your audio or video files for speedy processing- add up to 10 files at once to make all your content sound excellent.

Nimbus Note | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Nimbus Note is a comprehensive platform for organizing notes, documents, and projects from multiple sources into a collaborative digital environment. Unlike people who ask if you're ticklish, Nimbus Note respects your boundaries. That's why each workspace is isolated, with its own access permissions, branding, and third-party integrations.

Agiled | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Agiled is an all-in-one, white-label ready business management platform for managing clients, finances, projects, employees, and more. Agiled organizes your processes, making it easy to manage clients and leads with a white-labeled portal for each client.

Alugha | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Alugha is a video translation tool that streamlines the production and collaboration process for high-quality content tailored to international audiences. Alugha handles every step in the translation process without ever leaving its online workspace, Dubbr. Once you upload your video, you can transcribe it yourself, or use the AI Buddy to automatically generate a transcript.

Eventee | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Eventee helps you create a mobile app that enhances the attendee experience through engaging features and an easy-to-use interface. With Eventee, creating a mobile app for your event has never been easier. It all starts with an intuitive web interface where you can build and manage your whole event.

Deskera | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

From the get-go, the dashboard is where it all comes together, giving you a real-time view of your business. You can view invoices, receivables, bank balances, and tax calculation, plus check how your sales team is performing and how much revenue they're raking in. There's even space to see salary liability, employee attendance, and claims/reimbursements.