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AppSumo Marketplace Deals

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350 Growth Hacks Collection | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Are you a digital marketing professional, entrepreneur, solopreneur, SEO specialist? Are you looking to boost your traffic, CR, or sales? Well, you can Google stuff... but do you really have the time to read a 2,000-word long blog?

Mychordbook | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Playing an instrument is cool! However, it is hard to learn. Lessons and video tutorials are great but they can be boring and time-consuming. Mychordbook believes that the best way to keep playing is to play your favorite songs all the way through. This is why they have created Mychordbook.

Big Bundle [Admin Dashboards & Website Templates] | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Big Bundle [Admin Dashboards & Website Templates] What is WrapPixel's Big Bundle? It is a bundle of well-designed admin dashboard templates and a very powerful Bootstrap 4 UI Kit. The package includes 10 Premium Bootstrap, 8 Angular, 4 React & 2 Vuejs Admin Dashboard Templates that help you create stunning interfaces for your admin panel and websites with ease.

Poll Guru | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Engage your audience with their smartphones as a polling device. Yes! Turn that smartphone that is already in their hands into a source for engagement and 2-way communication. Start with ' s simple poll builder to create the perfect poll and then deploy the poll with one simple click.

AhoyTeam | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

AhoyTeam is a no-code workflow automation platform for remote teams to automate routine processes directly in Slack and email. AhoyTeam empowers distributed teams to save valuable time and be more efficient with a new way of tackling workflows. AhoyTeam powers the workflow automation for the teams at Twilio, InVision, Autodesk, and more.

Studiocart | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Funnel builders are expensive and a pain to work with. But you know what else they are? Effective. Let's face it, funnels are crucial for scaling your business. So how amazing would it be if you could build them using the same WordPress CMS you already know and love?

Family Wellbeing | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Your app to make improving your family wellbeing fun and simple. We all want our family to be happy and healthy. But sometimes, implementing healthy habits into our routine with all our other responsibilities with children who can easily be disinterested in healthy habits can feel as challenging as climbing Mount Everest.

Seo&Go - Automated SEO service | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Automated SEO service that will help you rank your site higher in Google with step-by-step tasks tailored to your website. Did you know that Google traffic is 400% better than any other source? Do you want to rank higher in Google while searching your relevant keywords?

SerpSquirrel | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

SerpSquirrel helps you check & monitor your keyword rankings for Google. SerpSquirrel lets you track your Google rankings and monitor all your domains in one single place with ease. Google gives rankings based upon personalization and localization of users who are making the request. Rankings you manually check might be biased and therefore aren't entirely accurate.

ChatFox | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

ChatFox is a Slack app that builds a remote team culture. With today's work from home environment, it is nearly impossible to have meaningful conversations and build professional relationships with your team. Sitting at home alone creates a feeling of isolation and distance from your team and its goals.

Ad World Masters | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Market challenges marketing agencies are facing today are vast. There are now dozens of marketing specialties. New agencies are established every day. How do clients choose the best one for a project? Agencies need to acquire new clients faster and more often. Clients cooperate with several agencies simultaneously, changing between them more often than ever before.

Tartle | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

TARTLE is a global personal data marketplace. TARTLE solves data ownership, acquisition, and monetization barriers by enabling a consent-driven marketplace for the most personally identifiable data on the internet... and for both people and businesses alike. Spooling up a new business in the healthcare sector? No problem.

The Viral Content Templates™- 100 Social Media Canva Templates That Are Proven To Go Viral | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The Viral Content Templates™- 100 Social Media Canva Templates That Are Proven To Go Viral The Viral Content Templates™ is the Canva pack for experts who want more sales & less stress from their social media. Imagine never ever wondering what to post on social media to grow your audience, bring in leads, and make sales.

Linvo | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Linvo grows your Linkedin network fast, generating more leads, sales, and engagement. Automate your Connections, Messages, and Posts -- auto-connect, post-scheduling, post classification, and engagement analytics. Increase your sales by understanding what actually works. Share the post with your connections at the right time. More comments and likes = more exposure!

StartHost Unlimited SSD Hosting - STANDARD PLAN (10 WEBSITES) | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

StartHost Unlimited SSD Hosting - STANDARD PLAN (10 WEBSITES) offers superior, reliable, and affordable SSD hosting to individuals and small businesses. With premium and unlimited SSD cloud hosting, your website surely runs in a completely resilient and scalable architecture. Compared to server hosting, cloud hosting is better in handling huge traffic, security protection, and reliability.

The Digital & Social Media Marketing Mastery | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

What if you could be given a proven pathway paved step-by-step, leading to a life free of your everyday business worries, how much would that be worth? A life where you don't have to decide between your daughter's piano performance and your business...or between traveling around in Europe for weeks and making money.

Micro-Business Bootcamp | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Covid-19 hit us really hard and 2020 is almost a write-off. But what if we could turn that around financially before the end of the year? Over the next 60 days, the Micro-Business Bootcamp will show you how to turn your existing experience and talent into micro-products that can be sold repeatedly at scale!

TillyPay | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Single or recurring payment links, powered by Stripe. Collect complex payments from anyone -- no coding experience or website required. is a no-code payment platform that allows you to create links for single, recurring, and subscription payments. It also features a payment management platform, and it supports both Apple & Google Pay (as well as 132 different currencies).

.art Domains | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

How many times have you delayed making a website just or yourself, your hobby or creative portfolio? Stuck with high fees and complex domain name setup? Now with you can have a professional website in 10 minutes! Step 1) Find your website name. Step 2) Upload your bio, photographs, link to your videos and social.

WebBoard | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

WebBoard is an online whiteboard web application for teaching and meetings which is designed to help you share ideas with your team. is an online, secure, cross-device and touch-friendly solution for distributed teams, online instructors, managers, and leaders --an ideal collaboration tool for lecturers, managers, designers and developers.

NeverSpam | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

NeverSpam monitors and stops your cold emails landing in prospects spam/promotion folders. They achieve this by simulating human activity on your account and reporting on which folder your emails are landing in. On NeverSpam, Sumo-lings will get a dashboard which tracks in real-time your sender reputation and how many of your emails land in the primary inbox or the spam folder.

PAFE - Piotnet Addons For Elementor | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Elementor is a great platform, but have you ever felt that you need more? Have you ever reached the limit of their ability? is here to break the limit and give you more power to develop and customize your sites on the basis of Elementor.

EMAIL SCRAPER | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Do you want to scrape email addresses from a web page but don't know how? EmailScraper is the most powerful web-based tool to extract emails by various techniques like website crawl, bulk URL crawl, search in Google/Bing, search in txt file. It has the ability to scrape encoded emails. | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

It's hard to maintain optimal health given the pace and patterns of modern times. Yet, it's so worth the effort to find ways to be your healthiest throughout life. A healthy body doesn't just mean the avoidance of illness -- it can also mean better performance today. | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo is a white-label SaaS client engagement platform. To keep up with the competition, companies need to evolve their approach and create a dynamic two-way engagement across all stages of the consumer journey and the product life cycle.

Redtie | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Send and receive text messages with attachments just like email. Redtie is an advanced, text-based solution that lets you send attachments just like you would in an email. Text messages are sent with a link to access attachments that are stored in a secure cloud.

SympoQ | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

AI-driven helpdesk software designed for agile teams and startups to use as they deal with requests using a sophisticated email inbox and team portal. SympoQ allows customers to get helpful and effective support based on their individual questions and requests. Thanks to SympoQ, support teams will improve their performance and CX with AI tools specifically designed for support ticketing.

Mail Experts | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Mail Experts is an email security application that protects your emails against cyber threats without the need of any technical knowledge. Email security is crucial for all businesses. With the growing threat of hackers relying primarily on emails to distribute viruses, spam, phishing, malware, identity theft, and other threats, you need a powerful email security solution to protect your business information.

Funnel2Go | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The idea of Funnel2Go was to simplify the online business as much as possible. The creators tried various apps, but they were all too complicated and/or too expensive. They started developing Funnel2Go based on their own needs, as they wanted to automate and make the most of their existing websites.

Streamr | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Streamr is the ONLY desktop-app multilingual video translator with BUILT-IN LIVE STREAMING TECHNOLOGY. With Streamr, you are getting access to never-seen-before features and technologies without any MONTHLY FEES. Some of these features include automatic transcribing, automatic translation, overlay subtitles, and automatic audio translation. Streamr uses AI and a UN-style voiceover method.

TasksBoard | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

TasksBoard is a web app that lets you manage your Google Tasks on a full-screen Kanban Board. TasksBoard helps you collaborate with your team in real-time with the option to share the lists and assign tasks to people. Increase your productivity by dragging and dropping your tasks from one list to another.

The Freelancing Masterclass | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

One essential course to help freelancers sell more projects, market themselves confidently, and build a business that doesn't run your life. Most creatives are drawn to freelancing for one reason: freedom. We want the freedom to choose what projects we work on, who we work with, and when we work.

Copysmith | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Copysmith uses state of the art machine learning to help you write high-performing copy in seconds, not hours. Staring at a blank page trying to brainstorm copy is both frustrating and time-consuming. Thankfully, you now have an exciting new tool at your disposal to help solve this particular predicament.

TRUST NOTIFICATIONS | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

TRUST NOTIFICATIONS gives you unlimited social proof notifications. Do you run a local or online business, a blog, a magazine, or an affiliate marketing website? Do you sell products or services online? Do you do practically anything online?

FakeScouts | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Consumers are losing trust in eCommerce fast, as reports claim that every 1 in 5 items sold online is a fake product. No wonder that Apple says that 90% of their test buys are fakes! About 80% of your web shop visitors don't know who you are and have no trust in your offers.

Contactless Payment Register Assistant | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Contactless Payment Register Assistant is your easy-to-use, low-cost, contactless, and secure mobile pay terminal-app created for your multi-user small business. Whether you are a cleaning business, a home-health business, a pest-control business, or a multinational enterprise, you can easily distribute the Contactless Payment Register Assistant app to the entire team.

Happierleads | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Happierleads is a lead-gen tool designed to give you information on each and every person that visits your website. Don't you hate the fact that you don't know who your website's visitors are?

PressKitHero | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

PressKitHero makes it easy for your startup to get media coverage by helping you build, host, and edit your press kit from one central hub. Building a company is hard! It requires growing your presence on social media, acquiring new leads by testing multiple marketing channels, and trying to increase awareness of your brand.

AppGain | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

200 billion dollars spent by 2020, just to get you to download apps, and 75% of them, never open the app! is focused on re-engaging the lost 75% of app users. They have developed a technology to re-engage inactive users by enabling marketers to embed videos in push notifications.

RAASPI/BUSS | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

RAASPI/BUSS offers dynamic website content with eCommerce and full Back Office functions (including accounting) to run your business. Once installed, your business or organization is immediately web aware with RAASPI/BUSS . Not only can your customers find you there via social media, blogs, email campaigns, and more, but you can also carry out your business there.

OneHash | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Highly agile, customer friendly, world's best, and economical SaaS based CRM and ERP solution. Making use of the cutting edge technology amalgamated with visually appealing interface, aims to help you build lasting customer relationships, streamlining & automating processes, creating better collaboration & communication, better pipeline management, and increased revenues.

Leadsie | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

You're talking to a new potential client, things are looking good... do you really want to kill the vibe with a 3-page PDF of instructions for giving you access to their Facebook account? Why does your client need a PhD in Facebook Ads to give you access to their account?

Biyo Point of Sale | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Small to medium business owner's biggest challenge is the high cost of sophisticated Point of Sale software. makes sure that your costs stay low and makes sure they innovate their products to the latest technology. All accounts users get full access to all features at no additional cost for the software, and their clients also get lifetime upgrades.

Boon.Today | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The Simplest Ad For Good® maker, Boon.Today powers marketers, media teams, and agencies to connect their campaigns easily to social or environmental projects. Your brand or clients can finally take a stand with their advertising campaigns.

Hashtag Mastery Summit | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Get access to 40 interviews with experienced social media managers via Hashtag Mastery Summit. You know that social media marketing is powerful. But you also know that those hard-earned likes don't always turn into cold-hard cash. | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo is a lead catcher and management platform dedicated to boosting a company's public appearance ROI. During presentations, companies have no time to properly collect all their potential leads. is here to change that. It allows speakers to push great content to a target audience thanks to interactive QR codes in exchange for qualified user information.

TMetric | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

TMetric is a user-friendly time tracking application. TMetric is a time tracking application that helps streamline your growing business for higher profits, satisfied clients, and happier teams. Capture every task you work on and take control over time intervals by simple time tracking. TMetric allows you to create projects, set billable rates, and tasks.

NordAccept | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Send beautiful proposals optimized for winning more deals with auto-creation of invoice on accept

Nummuspay | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

With tailor-made solutions for your business, Nummuspay will help your online marketplace run as seamlessly as possible for a global audience

GrowthClub | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

So you are building a startup... and your friends, your partner, and your dog are sick of you talking about it all the time? With GrowthClub, you can meet cherry-picked founders weekly in 1-on-1 video calls. GrowthClub is a place to get feedback about your startup, exchange growth hacks, and build genuine connections.

Paced Email | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Email is an indispensable tool - but it's also a huge productivity drain. If you're trying to focus and get work done, receiving repetitive notification emails can quickly develop into a distracting habit. Every time you receive an email, optimal productivity is lost, and it becomes harder to refocus on what you were doing because of a thing called random intermittent reinforcement.

The LLC Formula | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Anyone who does business from outside the U.S. knows the struggle of not being able to process payments online. There's this dreaded line that basically stabs your business in the heart: We're sorry but your location is currently unsupported at this time. Please fill the form to get notified when we are available in your location.

Thumblink | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Thumblink drives more traffic to your website with automatic link thumbnails. When your website appears on social media, your thumbnails are 3x larger than your title and description. The better your thumbnails look, the more traffic you receive. Add Thumblink to your website with a single line of HTML.

Kriya AI | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Do you know that it takes an average of 100 hours per month to find and write personalized messages to your desired professionals? Without personalization, your effort comes across as spam -- like those strange connection requests on LinkedIn.

SocialQ | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Actively posting across all your social media channels is like sending the same meme to six different group chats-exhausting, but necessary (they don't call me the meme supplier for nothing). Before social media can deliver real results for you, you've got to give your followers the content they want on every platform they have.

WP Contact Slider | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

WP Contact Slider is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to add and display a contact form on your website

Domain Book App | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Domain Book App is an easy and straightforward way to monitor your domains' expiration dates -- it is like a phonebook for your domains. With Domain Book App , you will be able to know which domain will expire soon -- without relying on your registrar to notify you via email.

Podcast Launch Academy | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Podcast Launch Academy is your step-by-step course for creating, launching, and growing an irresistible podcast that builds your brand and business. Have you been researching 'how to podcast' for months, but feel too overwhelmed to take action?

Mobile Videomaking | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Learn how to harness the videomaking power of your smartphone with this incredible course

PostPilot | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

PostPilot is an app that makes it easy and cost-effective to create and send personalized postcard campaigns that drive higher LTV and profits

linkadd | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

linkadd is a LinkedIn auto-promotion service. It will only take minutes to start automating your LinkedIn outreach with linkadd . To get started, you will need to have a free LinkedIn account. linkadd's automation tools are mainly used by sales teams to automate their LinkedIn lead generation efforts.

Vizologi | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Vizologi is a software that searches, analyzes and visualizes the world's collective business model intelligence to help create unique business models

Linknifty | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Linknifty allows users to repurpose content already on the web to collect more data for your target users. With , you can share almost any link as your own while collecting that user data, displaying popups/call to actions, and even embedding a live chat.

Authority Content Templates | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

End social content creation overwhelm with these simple, trust-building Authority Content Templates for Canva. Content creation got you down? Do you have the design skills of a toddler with a crayon? Maybe you just have too many ideas for social media and they all come out in unhelpful ways...

OnWhatsApp | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Create your online catalogue and take orders via OnWhatsApp. Born from the need to have a website done up fast for web presence while simultaneously maintaining communication with your customers, OnWhatsApp has quickly gone from concept to reality.

Client Magician | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Client Magician shows you how to get paying clients from Facebook without building a funnel, spending money on ads, or having any friends on Facebook. Running ads to bring in clients is cool and all, but what if you're just starting, you don't know who to target, and you need sales now?

Sertifier | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Sertifier makes smart certificates and open badges easy to issue, enjoyable to earn, and simple to analyze. We all know that designing, sending, and storing certificates or open badges is a painful process. Well, no more... thanks to Sertifier ! Do you need ready-to-use design templates, or would you prefer using your own designs?

Storyly | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Storyly enables you to engage your users by delivering immersive and distraction-free content experiences inside your mobile app

AppScreens | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Ultimate screenshot creator for the Apple App and Google Play Store. Creating professional, engaging, and uniform screenshots can be a challenge. Cross-platform apps can require over 50 individual screenshots in a variety of shapes & sizes. Add a few translations and you are in the hundreds!

FlexClip | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

FlexClip is an all-in-one web tool for making videos, movies and slideshows in minutes. You can cut a clip from your video quickly and make it far more dynamic with the combination of text and voice recordings. s powerful editing tools allow you to take full control over the video appearance, background music, and more.

ZipBoard | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Save time and improve the quality of your digital products using ZipBoard's visual feedback tool. Whether you are building a web app, a website, an e-learning course, or any other piece of digital content, everyone has found the process of collecting and managing feedback from stakeholders, clients, and team members to be challenging at times.

MoovBuddy | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Relieve pain, stay healthy, get stronger. MoovBuddy is a whole new exercise app. All of the exercise programs are prepared by doctors and physios according to medical literature. Exercises are classified by body parts (like back, neck, knee, etc.) and cases/situations (like at the office, on long travels, for gamers, for postnatal, etc.).

Creative Tim | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The Ultimate Front End Bundle is a powerful stack of 63 fully coded UI Tools created to help designers and developers build web and mobile apps

FlatGA | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

If you manage many websites and struggle to view essential metrics across websites, you have come to the right place! FlatGA tries to simplify your website management -- it includes Website Analytics, SEO metrics, Uptime Monitoring, and Security audit. It uses your Google Analytics, and Search Console data for some of its reporting.

Osmos | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Quoting/Estimating software that empowers salespeople by helping them send quote sales 10X faster and close more deals effortlessly | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Let people ask, suggest, buy, and talk to your company using mobile messages. At a time where practicing social distancing is becoming more and more important and most companies are remote, skip the call and give your customers a powerful way to interact with you via mobile messaging.

DottedSign | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Pioneering in eSigning on mobile devices, DottedSign lets you effortlessly sign documents and get signatures from others in a legal and secure process

OneOffice | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo is a non-intrusive time-tracking tool that doesn't make your employees feel uneasy, thus boosting their focus and productivity. Still snapping screenshots to track what your employees are doing when they work? Your employees may be okay with it, but deep inside, these are what they're saying: I hope my employer trusts me that I'm doing my job!

HostMaria | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

100 GB of space, 1 TB of traffic, unlimited domains, unlimited emails, unlimited free SSLs, 1-click scripts, daily backups, SSD cloud hosting, and more

CodeMash | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

This modular backend-as-a-service platform eliminates the need to build and manage the application backend. CodeMash is a cloud service model in which developers outsource all the behind-the-scenes aspects of web and mobile applications so that they only have to write and maintain the frontend.

TYKR | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Reduce risk, save money, and invest confidently with TYKR. Do you feel like stock investing is too confusing, too time consuming, or too risky? It doesn't have to be! gives you the power to manage your own investments, reduce risk, and beat the market along the way.

Learn to Edit Your Own Podcast | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Save money and time by learning to edit your own podcast like a pro. Editing your own podcast takes forever... but you don't have the budget to hire someone to do it for you. You're confused by things like compression and equalization, and the finished product always seems either too quiet or way too loud.

Lead Scrape | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Lead Scrape helps you find B2B Leads in any category across many countries in the world. All leads can be exported in CSV and Excel

Easy Social Feed | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Easy Social Feed increases engagement between you and your site visitors, customers, fans, or users

Start A Studio | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Start A Studio is an online course for developing a business plan, launching your own creative, and viable animation studio

Command Codeless™: No-Code Fundamentals | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Learn how to build 11 products without writing code! Learn how to use: Webflow, Zapier, Figma, Parabola & more

Eyekitty | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Increase conversions by over 150% in just a 5 minutes by adding a few lines of code to your website and the #1 Social Proof Widget ⚡️ by Google Sheet

Active Webinar | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Present Pre-Recorded Videos As Live Webinars & Workshops. Chat Simulator makes it a real Live experience for your attendees

Audiencer | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Audiencer solves 3 main Facebook advertising problems. The first being that the Ads Manager is limited to only 25 results, usually the broadest unrelated keywords you can target. Audiencer, on the other hand, has no limitations by using the Marketing API to pull all the interests for the search term.

SmartenApps eCommerce Analytics for Shopify | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

SmartenApps eCommerce Analytics for Shopify provides out-of-the-box eCommerce dashboards, KPIs, and reports to help you expand and grow your business. SmartenApps eCommerce Analytics for Shopify offers pre-built templates and an overview of sales performance -- including the number of orders, average order value per customer, gross sales, net sales, total sales, expenses for discounts, shipping and taxes, and overall sales trends.

HelloHostess | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Automatically tag and engage new members on the welcome post in your Facebook group by clicking one button

TabsFolders | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Capture, organize, and share your tabs/bookmarks. TabsFolders lets you save, manage, synchronize, and share bookmarks at lightning-fast speed. TabsFolders sees your countless tabs and raises you one easy-to-use tool that organizes all the information you need. As soon as you add the extension to your browser, you're on your way to peak internet efficiency.

30 Day Blog Challenge | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Imagine working on something you really love, working on your own schedule, making decisions for yourself, and owning a blogging business that you can run anywhere and anytime with higher income potential than the usual day/desk jobs.. The sad truth is, almost 95% of bloggers barely make any money from their blogging business.

Poudle Mindfulness | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Poudle Mindfulness uses sounds or mantras to improve your focus and make you calmer. Everybody wants to live in a positive mental state. But do people really know how to approach it? Poudle Mindfulness is designed to make your mind more healthy. Once we are more aware of our emotions, our mind chooses to focus on positive thoughts.

image4io | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Image4io that provides real-time image/video optimization and delivers optimized images across all platforms with its global CDN

Dollar Desygner Club | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Dollar Desygner Club is the only platform you need to design everything. Create stunning graphic designs in minutes and with no previous design experience necessary. Drag and drop into thousands of pre-made templates, replace images with one click, and change fonts, colors, and text.

Nudgify | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Nudgify increases your conversion rate by making real activity (like recent sales) visible

Recommendly | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Recommendly activates the optimum experience for every user every time they interact with your Shopify store

Masters Academy | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Masters Academy provides the most comprehensive beginner to master courses on digital marketing & business. In 2006, Dimitar Savov invented a method for planning, starting, growing, and scaling digital businesses called Digital Performance Marketing.

PR Bootcamp | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Previous students have been featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, CNN And The Wall Street Journal. What would that exposure do for your business? With PR Bootcamp learn the step-by-step process for getting featured in top publications without having to hire an expensive PR firm.

iBeesoft Data Recovery | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

All-in-one data recovery software that can recover lost data from your PC with ease in just 3 steps

Maymoune Power | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Maymoune Power allows you to easily create PWA applications very simply and without any technical skills. A premium user experience on mobile builds community loyalty. Simply create an application and begin communicating directly with your fans via push notifications. Produce content with M-CMS Maymoune, which is available in 8 possible content formats (Articles, Photos, Videos, Sounds, Map, Calendar, Form, and Develop).

HITSHIPO | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

HITSHIPO lets e-commerce shop owners generate shipping labels quickly and easily. automatically generates shipping labels in moments, and you can print up to 3,000 shipping labels per month. Order status management updates as well as shipping audit management are both built in to the product itself.

Maymoune Shop | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Maymoune Shop allows you to easily create an e-commerce PWA application without any technical skills. Maymoune Shop helps boost your business with an e-commerce mobile application available for iPhone, Android, iPad, and PWA (Progressive Web Apps). First of all, it's extremely easy to use -- there's no need to be an expert to create a successful store.

KarenApp | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Time is money, especially when you've got valuable services to offer. A good portion of your week is spent coordinating meetings, juggling admin tasks, and chasing down invoices. Scheduling meetings can be a pain and time-suck! To top it, trying to avoid scheduling conflicts on your respective calendars is enough to make your head spin.

MaestroCR | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The next big thing in your IT Projects: Easily build healthy Change Request Management, between your projects and your clients with Maestro!

Grabsign | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Quick, secure, and simple to use, getting your documents signed and transmitted safely and effortlessly has never been easier

Pluginplate | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Pluginplate is an online service for creating highly optimized plugin templates for WordPress that are fully customizable to your need

Word of Mouth BOT | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Get more Google reviews then ever for your business, or resell the included 3 white-labeled locations & run your own Reputation management, SEO agency

PATHBOOKS | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

PATHBOOKS are stories with decisions and multiple endings, they create an immersive experience that combines technology with reading

Telagus | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Save time and increase profits by using this full business management and marketing software

Bambu Resilience and Wellbeing Microcoaching App | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Over 140 microcoaching videos to build resilience & emotional wellbeing by harnessing the power of our unconscious to transform habitual thinking

OpenStories | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

OpenStories is a community of Open Source Stories, i.e. GPL-licensed storyboards. All you have to do is just extend and republish the story with your own branding. Why? Because it's yours. New trending and lifestyle stories are created every day. Content creators no longer need to start creating videos and stories from scratch.

Group Collector | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Group Collector allows you to collect new Facebook Group member answers -- including their emails -- and save them into your Google Sheet and autoresponder. Facebook does not give you access to Group member answers once they are approved. The moment you approve a member, you lose this valuable data.

SimilarMail | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

SimilarMail gives you access to insights from a collection of over 3 million marketing emails from 20,000 leading brands and domains

Less Accounting | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Looking for an all-in-one small business invoicing and accounting solution? Look no further -- LessAccounting is an accounting software that makes running your small business easy, fast, and secure! It allows you to get paid fast, and easily manage your bookkeeping in just 1 hour (or less) per month.

Netumo | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Netumo is a domain tracking, 24×7 website up-time monitor and SSL certificate monitor for all your domains and websites

GeoZilla | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Add family, friends, and colleagues to the GeoZilla app to keep them safe, know where they are, and come to their rescue if they need you. GeoZilla is a location-based service designed to enable friends, family members, or colleagues to share their location with each other.

Restyled | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Restyled integrates into your usual Pull Request workflow to keep your codebase consistent

No Code MBA | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

If you don't know how to code, you might feel helpless when it comes to building apps and websites. Your million-dollar business ideas are abandoned because you can't build it yourself, and you don't want to spend $10k on a developer to build it for you. It doesn't have to be this way!

OtaSync - Property Management System & Booking Engine | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

OtaSync automates front & back office duties and helps short-term rental managers and hotel managers to improve their guest relation experiences

Focus | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Focus is a team management software for building high-performing, connected, and focused teams. Building a business is tough. And what about creating high-performing teams and finding consistent ways to engage your employees? (Yeah, it can all be pretty challenging, come to think of it...)

Fast Video Cataloger | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Fast Video Cataloger is a professional desktop Windows software for searching, browsing, and organizing digital video files. If you are working with video content, you know just how time-consuming it is to find what you need inside videos. Fast Video Cataloger is a professional Windows software that lets you create a searchable video database that presents videos in a thumbnail timeline.

Labrika | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

AI based all-in-one SEO tool that checks over 180 critical rankings factors and provides highly actionable recommendations that increase traffic

LinkTube | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Linktube creates an amazing ONE link, for all your Content, YT Video, Blog post, and all social channels

findmassleads | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

findmassleads provides leads in bulk to small business owners, freelancers, and web agencies. findmassleads is a B2B lead-generation database that helps small business owners, freelancers, and web agencies find loads of good potential customers based on technology in one click. Yes, finding new customers is hard...

Burner Mail Premium | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Burner Mail Premium lets you control who can send you emails and generate new burners with a single click. Take back control of your inbox and keep it protected with burner email addresses. Burner Mail Premium is trusted by 40,000 users! By using burner email addresses, you will never have to give out your personal email ever again.

Curious Karen | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Curious Karen is a conversational survey that allows you to create surveys that your customers will actually want to answer. Surveys are too often exceedingly long and exceedingly boring to fill out, even though they are crucial for gathering decision-making data in many organizations.

Saasable | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Saasable is a financial analytics app designed for accountants and businesses to help them easily measure, customize, and share recurring revenue metrics in a single dashboard. Recurring revenue metrics are difficult to capture, customize, and measure. And yet, they are the most important metrics to track in real-time and update every day.

FraudSentinel | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

E-Commerce websites have trouble identifying fraudulent transactions. In most cases, thieves hide behind a Proxy or VPN. However, FraudSentinel can detect this! Having the fraud score of the customer's IP with their orders helps identify transactions, and determines if an order is suspicious. It helps websites owners with identifying orders that would result in charge back.

Audio Buzz | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Audio Buzz is a source of original, hand-picked, royalty-free music with a one-of-a-kind tool that helps you match music to your video at blazing speed. Looking for awesome music but tired of the same ol' stock music sites? You can download any and all tracks from their ever-expanding library and use them forever -- for any type of project.

Microtica | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Microtica enables you to build infrastructure and ship applications to the cloud with a single tool. To build a successful automation setup you need to go through multiple steps and use different tools only to achieve part of it. This process is incredible complicated. It requires expertise and knowledge that will take you months to gain.

Slazzer | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Removing the background from an image is a tedious and time-consuming task that is not only frustrating, but also takes a lot of time (and money)! This is due to each image having to be cut manually just to make any image transparent, or change the background of an image.

Feedo | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo is the best tool to get feedback from your customers with just a link, and reward them with promo codes!

LeadBlasta | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

LeadBlasta web app creates high-converting lead magnets as Chrome extensions for automated list building with built-in follow-up marketing tools. Now you can tap into content marketing in a way that's both easy to manage and builds your audience on autopilot.

Markup Hero | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Take screenshots, annotate images, PDFs, websites, and Google Docs/Sheets/Slides with our fast and easy tool. Markup Hero is the daily-use screenshot & annotation tool with countless use cases and integrations. From mockups to product requirements, blog images to support walkthroughs, sales collateral to marketing briefs, Markup Hero is the go-to resource you can't live without.

BlogAudio Plus | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Let your users enjoy your content without looking at the screen by adding audio to your articles

PushAssist | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

PushAssist helps you convert new visitors with a customized, targeted, and powerful push for fruitful results

LeaveWizard | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

A completely paperless, streamlined online system that helps save you hours of mundane paperwork per employee

Superfan Studio | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Create and personalize AR filter for Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook without any code. Augmented Reality (AR) is expensive. Hence, at Superfan Studio, they are democratizing AR for everyone. Superfan Studio is Canva for AR... and they believe AR is the next video!

Podcast Pitch Kit | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Book podcasts now to showcase your expertise, grow your audience and make sales on autopilot

Kippy | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

kippy is an online cloud-based solution to help you track your strategic objectives better. Tired of running your organization in Excel? Are you wasting time chasing your team for spreadsheets just to know if you're on track, what's working, and who needs help?

SimplyDocs | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

SimplyDocs is a platform which helps you create and manage web forms, generate filled documents, and publish the documents for almost everything. With SimplyDocs, users are empowered to create online forms which can be used in a standalone manner or embedded in business applications.

Case UI | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Case UI will help your firm streamline operations related to client management, invoice generation, task assignment, document uploads, and more. How long have you been thinking of taking your legal case management to the cloud? With Case UI, your data is at your fingertips on one centralized platform, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Kidpofy | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Send cards, invitations, and specialized gifts featuring your children's handwriting

Slack Growth Study | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The Sumo team went where few have before to offer a look at the marketing tactics that made Slack a billion dollar company. 4 million daily active users in just 4 years!* No question: Slack is the fastest growing SaaS company of all time.

WPOnepager | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

WPOnepager is a simple plugin for WordPress that helps you build landing pages and one-page sites faster. Creating beautiful landing pages and one-page websites without complicated coding might seem as far-fetched as winning the lottery. But with WPOnepager, your dreams become reality.

WidgetKit | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

WidgetKit for Elementor is a library of niche-specific elements that help boost your website and your business. Elementor is great, but sometimes your site just needs a little bit more... As in a collection of 30 widgets, extensions, pre-made templates and sections with premium designs and endless ways to customize.

How to Make a $1,000 a Month Business Course | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Monthly1K is an online course that walks you step-by-step from idea to successful business in less than one month (even if you're not an expert). Back by popular demand, this course is designed to not only help you jump the massive hurdle of starting a business, but to actually generate capital before spending any money on business development!

KillerLaunch | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Hiring can be a tough and expensive task -- especially when you require candidates to work from home and full time. Not anymore! KillerLaunch is the perfect solution for your company's hiring needs. You can easily hire candidates for all your internship and job openings.

The Hottest Trend for 2021: Digital Planners | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Looking for the perfect Side Hustle to start 2021? Digital Planners are a hot trend these days with no sign of slowing down. These gorgeous new Digital Planners from PLR Of The Month Club come with full rebranding & re-sell rights - buy today and be selling tomorrow!

Course in a Box | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Course in a Box will teach you how to create your revenue-generating online course (in as little as a week). You've had create an online course on your to-do list for some time, but you still haven't started. You're stuck on (fill in the blank): selecting an online course platform, creating your slides, recording your videos, preparing your course outline, etc.

Designtack | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Let's face it: content marketing can be hard. Designtack makes it easier by creating amazing social media content in bulk. Just getting started? Try out Simple Editor, the perfect place for beginners and those getting their feet wet with content creation and content marketing. Next, remix everything to create amazing new content and design.

Virtual Work Spaces | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The new normal - working from home - has uncovered a new phenomenon called Zoom fatigue. You can't deny you're in separate locations when on a video call. A virtual office gives everyone the sense of being in the same place Virtual offices enable your team to work and socialize together in ways video calls can't.

Business Negotiation Course Material | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Are you a training or e-learning company that is looking to expand your collection of courses but don't want to pay a hefty fee for it? Or maybe you're a company with under-performing salesmen and you're looking for a ready made course to impart your infinite sales wisdom to them and supercharge sales.

Gratitude Sidekick Journal | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The Gratitude Sidekick Journal is a research-based journal that will help make an attitude of appreciation a core part of who you are. It allows you to reflect on a new gratitude theme daily, and become way more supportive of yourself mentally through honing a perspective of practical optimism.

Pagereview | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Getting good feedback shouldn't be more difficult than it already is. Stop wasting time with endless back and forth emails asking for screenshots and details when reviewing a website. Pagereview makes it easy to get clear, contextual feedback for your website with a single click.

PressOffice | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

PressOffice takes the headache out of your media relations. Researching and curating a list of journalists and editors you want to reach out to can be time-consuming and tedious when you really should be focusing on the most important thing: your business.

BenkoDesk | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Sick of trying to keep track of who has replied to which email messages in the same shared Gmail inbox? You're not alone. Many people find themselves passing around Gmail passwords to multiple team members to avoid spending thousands of dollars per year for shared email or help desk software.

The Making Cents Count Financial Organizer | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Do you feel your finances are under control? Do you know where or how to start budgeting? Do you feel confident about your financial decisions? Do you feel confident and secure in your future? If you answered NO to any of these questions, this Financial Organizer can help you!

NetcoreSaas | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Don't start from scratch again by developing features almost every SaaS app needs. With NetcoreSaas , you can quickly compose and download a project so you can easily set up authentication, subscription/pricing structure, multi-tenancy if needed, role and resource management, and more! NetcoreSaaS has built-in features available in multiple themes, languages, and databases.

Apipheny | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Save time and eliminate manual data exports by automating API data imports into Google Sheets with Apipheny. If you're currently manually exporting data from a software platform and then copying and pasting that data into Google Sheets, you can stop now. (Seriously... step away from the spreadsheet.)

ChimpCharge | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The all-in-one tool to bill, manage, and automate your payments, making it easy to get paid fast and from anywhere. Get rid of all those unnecessary payment apps and complicated invoice tracking tools that are bogging down your operation.

From Pitch to Get Paid | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Tired of attracting the wrong clients to your freelance business? Say goodbye to the wrong client-fit with the pre-qualifier template. From Pitch to Get Paid helps you screen prospects, so you don't end up with deadbeat clients. A prospect is interested in your services but not in your fees?

GoodApp | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Welcome to digital wellness that can help you use your mobile phone in a better way. GoodApp' s mission is to help you become a better version of yourself. It is a self-improvement tool with more than 20 apps all in one app carefully crafted to add value in your life.

Buildzee | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Buildzee is constantly working to liberate customers from the complex process of coding. With the most prominent feature of 'Mix & Match,' one can create stunning websites within five steps in just a few minutes. Buildzee's main goal is to make website building a hassle-free process.

Calqulate | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Grow faster and achieve your goals with growth metrics and keep your business humming. Calqulate's software takes care of your financial forecasting, cash flow, growth and runway calculations automatically. See your finances and growth metrics like never before.

Influencer Academy | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Have you ever felt frustrated that a competitor has an inferior product or service, but they get higher sales, more media attention, and better social engagement? In crowded marketplaces it is not always the best business that secures the largest market share, but the one that builds the best brand image.

Book In A Weekend Bundle | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Everything you need to plan the book that *only you* can write, and to get it done in the most effective, painless way possible (but tbh it's still gonna be painful!). Wondering if anyone will care? Learn how to test and validate your idea in an hour.

Share What You Know 2020, a Teachable Live Summit Course | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Share What You Know 2020, a Teachable Live Summit Course If inspiration can strike anywhere, think of this as a lighting rod. This summit is bringing more than 40 of the world's most talented creators, teachers, and industry experts together for an event that will empower you to start, grow, and scale your business.

Remoty | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Working together in one office can be easy to track your team's productivity, but what if you have a remote team? Remoty is the answer to that problem! It helps you work like you are in the same office by keeping your team in sync with the time tracking and progress updates in your Slack workspace.

The Ultimate Marketing Template Kit | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

These templates hit the essential areas of your marketing work. The creator designed these over and over again at every job he had. After numerous rounds of feedback, optimizing and applying best practices, these were the templates that he took along with me to every job.


This book is to help brands have a platform to directly communicate with their audience. This is an eye-opening book that explains deeply why you should have an online platform that you control. You will also learn how to gain more engagement and audience on social media.

The Ideal Business Formula | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Forget the old notion that you can't enjoy both professional success and personal happiness simultaneously as an entrepreneur. You've been led to believe that the only path to a thriving business is to sacrifice your family & yourself, put in 80 hour weeks for years on end, and behave as if your business owns you.

100 Content Marketing Tips | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

This book is for bloggers, social media managers, content marketers and any other unmentioned professionals who are determined to grow their business with the power of content marketing. It doesn't matter if you just started building your content marketing strategy, or you already have one.

IP to Profit | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Has your coaching, consulting, or speaking business taken a hit in recent months? Gigs cancelled, prospects not buying? The good news is that people still need your work..but it's on you to figure out what their current, changed needs are. The IP to Profit system shows you how.

PITCH LIKE A PUBLICIST POWER PACK | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

According to the Small Business Association, the number one challenge for entrepreneurs is getting enough clients for their business. Why? Because they lack adequate visibility for their business. The Pitch Like a Publicist Power Pack crushes visibility issues by providing the optimal publicity strategy for users to follow.


So you're starting a business but you don't know where to start. You need a website, business cards, a brochure, letterhead, and a presentation for meetings. Should you hire a designer or a company to design your website and marketing material? How much will that cost? What if you're not happy with the designs?

Ariyah Marketing Essentials Bundle | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Every business needs some key marketing essentials. Ariyah has blended these key ingredients to create a bundle that includes brochures, business cards, letterheads, and presentation design templates in an affordable package. Get a cohesive branded look for your marketing materials with easy to edit designs.

Breaking Through Market Clutter | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

This book takes a practical approach to product ideation, concept, development, launch, sales and promotions. It leads you gently up the learning curve at the same time making sure that you focus on the key elements to drive commercial results.

CLOSEM | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Have plenty of time to manage your business, do your work, juggle fires, AND promptly follow-up with every prospect? Didn't think so. Do your emails go unanswered, your voicemails ignored? CLOSEM is the automated follow-up system that makes sure no lead gets lost, no prospect slips away.

GlobalPatron | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

GlobalPatron is a Universal Forms/Data-Collection platform that was built from the ground up with security and universality in mind. The platform currently offers the widest range of form-types available anywhere in the market from a single platform, and will continue to keep expanding in data-collection form types.

Firewards | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Setup a friend referral program for your email list or newsletter in just a couple minutes. No coding required! makes it easy to setup a referral and rewards campaign to grow your email list.

AnalystPrep's Learn Practice Package (for Levels I of the CFA® Exam) | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

AnalystPrep's Learn Practice Package (for Levels I of the CFA® Exam) Did you know that only 45% of people who take the CFA exams pass? The worst part of failing the CFA is telling your colleagues that you're going to have to start all over!

Pull Dog | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Pull Dog automatically opens up a Docker-based test environment for every pull request you open, so you save developer time when testing. Stop wasting precious time reviewing and testing new features before they can get out there for your users to see. Pull Dog is a GitHub app that solves this problem!

Timeless Digital Marketing Book | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Learn how digital marketing works in the real world with this practical guide that covers Digital Strategy, Channel Optimization, Real Growth Hacking, Budgeting, and Tips & Tricks with a clear Action Plan to follow! Do you want more sales and clients for your business?

Blogely | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Create comprehensive, media-rich content from start to finish, and document originality with the integrated AI-powered plagiarism checker. With Blogely you can organize everything in one place and say goodbye to exhausting searches on your computer just to find a single file. You can organize assets and link to specific articles.

InvoiceQuick | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

When freelancers and business owners struggle to invoice, don't get paid on time, or forget which customers owe them money - that creates a cash flow problem (and cash flow problems are the same as NO MONEY problems)!

Popupsmart | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

We all know about popups, and the fact is that they are still an effective way to get conversions started. The biggest problem Popupsmart has solved is the way popups are presented because they do not annoy people due to the user-friendly designs and advanced targeting options.

Sumizeit | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

It is not easy to find time to read. That is why Sumizeit extracted the key insights of the most important nonfiction books for you! Each summary of the best nonfiction books are only 10-15 minutes long. The summaries are in a clear and easy to understand language.

Niceboard | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Start your own niche job board business with this easy to use, beautiful, cloud-based software. Niceboard's cloud-based job board solution was built for publishers, entrepreneurs and associations looking to create a stable profitable niche job board business by providing a platform for job seekers and employers hiring talent. | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Easily build trust with your audience with the social proof effect and notification templates. is a nifty tool to add social proof and promo announcements to your website with a few lines of code. You can push and update your data with the simplicity of Google Sheets, and boost conversions on your website or store with the FOMO effect.

SQL Pad | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

SQL is a must know programming language for any data analytics professionals. However, many college graduates or young professionals are starting their job search without a solid understanding of SQL, or are struggling with coding questions - which ultimately costs them their dream jobs.

Learn How to Create Your Own Online Classes | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Start your training on how to create your own eLearning online classes and courses. Learn How To Create Your Own Online Classes is for anyone who is interested in creating their own membership site to sell or provide online courses, classes, or training to members or teams. If you want to learn how to create a hub where your learners can get on-going access to your content and training, then this course is for you!

ShippingChimp | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Etailers have very little control and visibility into order delivery. Hence when order delivery is delayed or damaged, they have no way of taking any proactive remedial measures. They are forced to learn about delivery issues from customers. Customers cite inferior delivery experience and lack of transparency about their orders as the topmost reason to abandon repeat purchases from a brand.

Trend Watchers VIP Access | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Content creators are constantly looking for ways to exponentially expand their reach on social media - especially YouTube. Trend Watchers makes this task simple by notifying creators about trends in the categories of their choice, and shows them how to create engaging content around it.

Cold Email Master | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Sending cold emails can either be the biggest pain in your career, or it can be a career superpower. Cold Email Master is a step-by-step course developed to teach you how to send emails that Very Busy People want to reply to.

TeliportMe Virtual Tours | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Putting 360° virtual tour creation in the hands of every agent and business. A large number of real estate properties, construction sites and small businesses are moving towards creating immersive 360 degree virtual tours for their customers. TeliportMe Virtual Tours brings the full workflow for 360 degree panoramic virtual tours with capture apps for both iOS and Android.

Complete Business Continuity Toolkit from Global Risk Academy | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Complete Business Continuity Toolkit from Global Risk Academy Do you know that at least one in four businesses never recovers after a disaster or a crisis? Preparing a Business Continuity Plan from scratch is a daunting task, but you don't have to reinvent the wheel, just use this toolkit from Complete Business Continuity Toolkit from Global Risk Academy.

Salonist | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Salonist is a powerful scheduling & management software for your spa or salon business. It helps to maximize your productivity through marketing automation methods. Salonist is a powerful tracker to manage your business activities and workflow.

ACUITY Innovation Leadership Accelerator | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The demand for leaders to drive innovation has never been higher. This has created a massive skills gap for qualified innovators equipped to lead organizations out of the pandemic and beyond. The ACUITY Innovation Leadership Accelerator serves the global leader who seeks the training to transform your organization, become an innovation authority and increase your earning potential.

Kapa99 | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Avoid low-quality graphic design and missed deadlines. Hire a team that can handle all your needs!

RealEye | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

You have no idea of how your product is perceived by users. No clue what draws their attention, what do they miss and what do they think about your company/brand? Do you want to enter consumers' minds? Eye-tracking hardware has been around for a long time.

Sidekick Ai | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Scheduling meetings can be a pain and a time suck! Sidekick provides a solution to users that allows them to reclaim their time by outsourcing their scheduling processes to an AI assistant. This allows the user to buy back their time, and ensure their schedules are properly maintained, while eliminating human error from the process.

Screpy | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Screpy is an AI-based SEO and web analysis tool that lets you and your team analyze and monitor all your website metrics in one dashboard. You need to monitor your website performance - from SEO to page speed - but switching between different platforms is a pain.

Productstash | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Productstash is the all-in-one tool for roadmaps, product updates and collecting ideas. Product managers can use Productstash to build & customize product roadmaps, announce product updates & news, and collect ideas directly from customers. Create, publish & embed product roadmaps.

Sticky Notes - by Ukiv | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Sticky Notes by Ukiv is a lightning fast, easy-to-use browser extension for taking notes in Chrome and Edge. Do you have information you have to enter frequently on websites? Need to jot down sudden ideas so you don't lose them? Don't rely on paper notes that can get lost or thrown away.

Thrive Anywhere Lead Magnet Library | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The Lead Magnet Library from Thrive Anywhere has everything you need to create your own professionally-designed lead magnets so you can grow your list. Getting great leads starts with high-quality lead magnets. But if you don't have graphic design chops and aren't sure where to start, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Themeix Membership | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Themeix is a library of responsive, SEO-friendly website themes for Ghost, Jekyll, WordPress, and HTML5 that gives you the power to build beautiful, professional websites. You need a website, but you don't have the design chops to make it look professional and #onbrand. Never fear, Themeix is here!

Girafi | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Girafi is an ecommerce referral program tool that helps you turn customers into brand ambassadors with referral links they can share and send to their friends. Getting more referrals and building a bench of brand ambassadors is easier than ever with Girafi !

Resoume | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Create beautiful, professional resumes, cover letters, and portfolios that showcase your skills

Zero to Hero | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Zero to Hero is a digital course that teaches you the ins and outs of Excel from basics to pivot tables and macros in only 14 hours. Spreadsheets are an important tool for running a business and tracking data, but sometimes Excel feels more like a necessary evil.

Vollna | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Vollna is an AI-based aggregator that uses Machine Learning to search for freelance projects on the top freelance sites and alert you to projects that fit your skills. You probably became a freelancer because you like doing the work you love on your own terms. But, you didn't expect to spend hours scrolling through endless job listings.

Website Legal Templates Bundle | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The Website Legal Templates Bundle is a collection of understandable, easy-to-use templates with step-by-step explanations created by an attorney to help you protect your website or blog. Running your own blog or online business means freedom - but it also means figuring out the legal compliance side of things on your own.

The One Hour Hero | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The One Hour Hero is an online course that gives you the tools and tactics you need to get insight into your customers, increase visibility, grow your customer base, and expand your business. Launching and running a business can be scary - especially at the beginning - but the One Hour Hero is here to save the day!

Branded Books DIY Workshop | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The Branded Books DIY Workshop teaches you how to create your very own branded book to help build your business. A professionally branded resource is key for promoting your business. Now you can create your own amazing, on-brand stationery, notebooks, and more through The Branded Books DIY Workshop .

BlackBrick Training SEO Masterclass | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

SEO Masterclass by BlackBrick Training teaches you how to dominate the search results and grow your site's traffic with the right tools and tactics. Are you struggling to rank your website in search engines without paying for ads?

Stock Market 101 | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Stock Market 101 is a 4-week course designed to help beginners understand stock market language, learn how to study the market, make informed trades, and build wealth. The Stock Market 101 course will teach you how to trade like a pro, so you can make major strides towards meeting your financial goals.

DocPro | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

DocPro saves you time and money with a document database of over 1,000 templates that are reviewed by lawyers and easily customizable to fit your needs. If you need accurate legal and professional documents and templates for your business, DocPro is here to help.

Advanced React (Render Performance, Best Practices, Advanced Patterns, React Core & More) | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Advanced React is an online program that covers advanced patterns and industry best practices for building complex applications using React.js. This top-selling course is designed for beginner developers with basic knowledge of React, who want to learn advanced techniques used by senior developers.

Digital Dojo's Advanced Course in Digital Marketing | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Advanced Course in Digital Marketing is an online program that teaches you the core concepts of a digital marketing strategy, from plan to execution. This self-paced course is designed for beginner marketers to learn the tools and techniques used in the real world by the real pros.

SheetChart | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

SheetChart is a reporting tool built for small businesses, with core dashboards that fully integrate with Google Sheets and track your essential business performance metrics. With SheetChart , you get data analytics capabilities to help you take control of your business performance with easy-to-use dashboards.

Gaining Visibility Momentum Through Facebook Ads | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Gaining Visibility Momentum Through Facebook Ads Gaining Visibility Momentum Through Facebook Ads is an online course that teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of social ads to grow their business. It's time to learn the inner workings of Facebook advertising and avoid blowing your budget on common (but costly) mistakes.

Sell Your Services with Live Streaming | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Brand strategist and digital marketing expert, Doc Williams, will teach you how to create live streams that stand out and attract customers, whether you're a beginner or a live streaming pro. Get the tools and tips you need to sell your services and use live streaming as a new revenue stream for your business. | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo is a comprehensive guide to public speaking that gives you the framework for preparing, writing, and delivering effective presentations. To become a confident public speaker, you need the right practice, tools, and guidance. Introducing .

Pin Power Method™ | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

The Pin Power Method™ is an info-packed online course for entrepreneurs to learn how to market their business on Pinterest. Figuring out how to leverage the power of Pinterest to drive traffic and sales to your website can be overwhelming. Good thing there's the Pin Power Method™ .

Become an SEO Expert with International Open Academy | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Become an SEO Expert with International Open Academy International Open Academy's Become an Expert in SEO course features six modules with valuable content from an SEO expert, including actionable strategies to optimize your website and put SEO to work for you.

No-Code MVP | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

No-Code MVP is an online course that teaches you how to rapidly build and validate your startup ideas, without any code. With No-Code MVP, you'll be able to take your startup idea and make it a testable product with real customers.

The Template Tribe | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

We all know that visuals are important. They can help you convey brand messaging, create virality, and get you noticed online. But if you're not a designer, putting together a ton of content to grow your audience, your email list, and your customer base is a massive undertaking.

Better Sheets | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo

Yeah, YouTube videos are cool and all, but what about your specific Sheets problem? (Even Jay-Z's got 99...) Better Sheets is grounded in real-world examples designed to inspire you to the next level of mastery, while taking the fastest, smartest route.