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This course focuses on the fundamentals of structure, energetics, and bonding that underpin materials science. It is the introductory lecture class for sophomore students in Materials Science and Engineering, taken with [3.014]( and [3.016]( to create a unified introduction to the subject.

FREE COURSE: Materials Science

All products are made of materials. The functionality, quality and durability of the product, its environmental friendliness (or impact on the environment) and profitability therefore depend significantly on the material used. So, good knowledge in this field is essential for a purposeful selection and an optimal usage.In this course you will learn the essential basics of materials science: The first part covers the structure and mechanical properties of materials in general. Later we will focus on different sorts of materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous materials, ceramics and plastics. Finally the course deals with composite materials and the how to select the optimal material for a given task.


I would like to welcome you to MATSE 81: Materials in Today’s World! This course will show how and why certain materials are selected for different applications, and how processing, structure, properties, and performance of materials are intrinsically linked to each other. You will be introduced, at a level accessible for a non-science student, to the basic science and technology of materials and how that knowledge can be used to understand modern materials and leads to the development of new materials.


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FREE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA BOOK: Impact of Materials on Society - Simple Book Publishing

This textbook supports the Impact of Materials on Society course and teaching materials, developed with the Materials Research Society. The textbook, which is freely available online ( and for purchase in print-on-demand format, offers an exploration into materials and the relationship with technologies and social structures.

FREE UNIVERSITY OF THE PACIFIC BOOK: Materials Science and Engineering

This text serves to provide a brief overview of some of the myriad of topics available for study in the field of Materials Science. This is by no means a comprehensive compilation of Materials Science and Engineering topics but is instead meant as an introduction to the topic for entry-level undergraduates who want to pursue a career studying materials.