Expert Insights : Guest Speaker Form

I am excited to feature you on Expert Insights inside the Group Growth and Sales group. Thank you for sharing your value and expertise with our membership. Our community is made up of heart based business owners who are committed to growth in various service based industries. To create value to our members as well as for yourself we have created this form which helps me gather some information to prepare for the Live Interview/training you have planned. If you are not already part of our group please request to join here: You can also use this link to promote this event on your own social media accounts. NOTE: Where unforeseen reasons come up that affect your availability/ability to attend the Live™ please provide us with 48 hour notice (where possible) so we can notify members and reschedule. FREEBIE AND/OR PRODUCT LINK & AFFILIATE LINKS: If you have a link to a freebie or product please feel free to share this during your Live™. Please assign an affiliate link to me for any products, courses or resources that you might be selling so that we can help you promote those. Looking forward to chatting with you on the Live